Documentary by Iurie Tocmas

80/52 minutes, in development, Baltic Balkan Productions (Latvia, Moldova, Finland, Croatia)

The river’s flow between two infinities is similar to the time we spent on the Earth. A huge power of rains, mountains, forests decides where the young river will start and how it will look, and once it appears – right from the spring begins the dispute and struggle for existence. The unknown, the chance, even a small stone and undoubtedly the man will determine the river’s direction. Each time Dniester will have to defend its right to be, despite droughts, ice, wars, poachers, hydropower plants – until one day it meets the Black Sea. Numerous challenges, which the river passes through, will be reminiscent of the challenges faced by a man living on its banks. Both of them can find their childhood only looking back, looking upstream. Passing through Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria, Dniester will tell us about people and cultures on its banks.  The river mirrors all the decisions and actions that humans make. The consequences soon become irreversible and determine life on its banks.