Before the Light

Documentary by Krist─źne Briede

75 minutes, 2023, Baltic Balkan Productions/Rucka Art Foundation (Latvia)

Three women stand against the church preventing them from following their calling to serve God and their communities.  In today’s Latvia, Lutheran women ministers who wish to serve God, the church, and the people as pastors cannot serve in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia, which has ceased to ordain women, even after it was successfully practiced for two decades. While some of the female ministers who refuse to accept this leave the country to build lives as ordained pastors elsewhere in the world, others carry on serving as assistants or other church workers. Now, however, a group of female theologians is ready to stand up for a future in a more equal society, thus ending this discrimination. Even so, the road to change is paved with frustrations, loss of confidence and doubt, obedience, and rebellion.