Documentary by Kiril Karakash and Svetislav Podleshanov

80 minutes, in development, Opium Film (Macedonia) in cooproduction with Bunker+ Films (Albania) and Baltic Balkan Productions (Latvia)

A retired police officer lives in Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, one of the most polluted cities in the world. He finds the meaning of his life in his passion and love for innovation, directed towards energy and ecology. At his native village he enjoys great support from local peasants who see him as a great scientist. So far he has implemented and patented eight successful projects. But for the past fifteen years with sincere love he has been trying to make a perpetuum mobile machine that would generate clean electricity for everybody without any energy source and would reduce pollution in the world. He shares a house with his two sons and grandchildren, but he is isolated alone in a poor room, after his wife passed away 15 years ago and he has not been to her grave since then. He is not interested in material pleasures and uncompromisingly invests all his pension in the machine and unconsciously ignores his poor family. But because of his lack of education, his ignorance of the basic laws of physics and his stubbornness, he constantly encounters various problems he cannot handle. Will our Don Quixote – like hero succeed in fulfilling his life’s dream – to save the planet Earth from global warming and permanent destruction by man or he will redeem of what he unconsciously did to his family and save his soul?